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Foxdale Village is a leader in aging services known for its vibrant and innovative approaches to enhancing quality of life in our community.


Foxdale Village is a not-for-profit Life Plan community guided by Quaker values that takes a community-based, holistic approach to providing high quality services at a fair cost for the well-being of older people.


Foxdale is a Life Plan community guided by Quaker values and our organization’s values—community, acceptance, engagement, inclusion, caring, fulfillment, and stewardship—reflect its founding heritage.


Foxdale is a welcoming, relaxed, and open community where all members can feel strongly connected to one another through caring and supportive relationships. We are committed to involvement in and support of our surrounding community.


Foxdale’s affirming culture means that people can be themselves, accepted and appreciated for who they are.


Residents and staff have input into decisions that impact them. Differences are expected; what matters is that all voices are respectfully heard.


Foxdale is committed to serving a diverse senior population and employing a diverse staff. We hold ourselves accountable for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all its forms for both residents and staff, thereby enriching our community and its understanding of difference.


Foxdale is committed to caring for and caring about people. Excellent health care, warm and inviting facilities, respect for privacy, and the recognition that getting the details of everyday life right matters a great deal. The residents, staff, and board recognize the value of each person, trust one another, and treat each other with dignity and respect.


The fulfillment and wellbeing of our residents and employees are of essential importance. Foxdale enables residents to lead fulfilling, healthy, and active lives through a variety of activities, services, and proactive wellness programs. We are committed to the satisfaction, success, and development of our staff and provide the opportunities and tools through which they can continually learn and grow.


Foxdale is committed to the effective stewardship of our people, planet, and finances. Responsible human resource practices include providing a good work environment and fair compensation. Environmental responsibility involves operating in a sustainable and ultimately regenerative fashion. Financial stewardship means operating both effectively and efficiently; integrity, fairness, and fiscal soundness are integral to our financial decisions and processes.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Foxdale Village is open to all applicants regardless of race, color, national origin, familial status, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, handicap, or disability.

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